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The post Covid-19 Marketplace

The post Covid-19 Marketplace

As we prepare to emerge into a post Covid marketplace, many of our local businesses will face a new normal, an era defined by fast changing shifts in cultural norms and in particular shopping demands and consumer behaviour.

Merchants will be forced to re-imagine how they do business to allow them to align and compete with evolving demand. They will need to find new growth pathways.

The post covid marketplace will present both a need and an opportunity to build into their business model more data driven, digital operations and a much stronger capability in e-commerce.

Small companies that are slow to react to the shifts in consumer demand for the convenience of the on line marketplace could be vulnerable to financial stress that may carry long term implications. will provide our local merchants with an opportunity to accelerate the pivot to digital commerce by expanding their offerings and creating new lines of service and customers. Engaging with new customers and retaining the loyalty of existing customers will be essential to their success. gives merchants a voice, a shop window and in many cases an opportunity to connect the digital market place with their goods and services for the first time. At we believe that together we can empower our local Merchants, driven by data, powered by technology to recover and compete successfully.

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