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Therafloat uses science to deliver the proven benefits of meditation to your brain by utilising dry-float technology. Introducing Therafloat – a neuroscience technology startup – designed to help you. Our aim is to offer a unique and brand new service which takes some of the best techniques from the world’s leading hospitals and research laboratories in order to help you achieve your goals. At the moment, the medical model concentrates on devoting resources to curing illness, which is obviously crucial if you have a serious disease. However, we believe that good mental and physical health is about much more than the absence of disease. At Therafloat we believe that proactively investing in yourself to operate at the peak of your powers and prevent disease in the first place is a smarter and more productive way to accomplish what you want. Our team is led by qualifed medical professionals, who specialise in neurology, medicine and psychiatry which gives us the insight needed to provide such a groundbreaking new services, exclusively initially to the Isle of Man. We specialise in analysing and changing how your mind works using scientific techniques that are gentle, safe, convenient and, most of all, proven.


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