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My name is Michelle and I have had a passion for interior design for as long as I can remember. I began my studies in the 90’s but a career in the finance industry on the Isle of Man and raising my family meant that I did not follow my design dreams as a career until 2018. Now I am doing what I love, working with amazing people, learning every day and living my best life!

I believe that good design realises the potential of any space. It involves considered choices teamed with a sense of bravery. As a designer, I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the furniture and furnishings that fill it.

Colour palette, material choice and finishes are all equally important – each element is essential to creating one cohesive look that is both resolved and innovative. I have an appreciation for a range of design periods and styles. For me, spaces truly work when balance is created through contrast. They should tell a story about the people who inhabit them.

I design ultimately for my clients. This, combined with an ever changing industry gives me a sense of freedom. Today, contemporary design has to encompass several key issues: financial, social and importantly, sustainability and environmental points of view, all of which need to be addressed by client and designer, together.


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