Rio’s BBQ & Rodizio Restaurant

Rio’s BBQ & Rodizio Restaurant


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Welcome to Rio’s BBQ & Rodizio Restaurant! Your Rodizio experience begins with a visit to our gourmet buffet, featuring fresh vegetables, salads, Brazilian cheese bread, cured meats, continental cheeses and hot dishes, including our traditional “Feijoada” (bean stew with meat).

Once you are ready for the Brazilian barbecue (churrasco), you control the service with a small double-sided disc placed on your table. The green side signals the Chefs to bring out skewers of sizzling meats one by one, while the red side indicates you have finished. There is a sumptuous selection of meats and the beauty is you can enjoy them all at one set price (Some offerings may change).


You can choose from a variety of mouth-watering, freshly cooked meat and poultry slowly grilled and roasted on our BBQ. Our wide selection includes Picanha rump steak, lamb, pork, beef, marinated chicken, fish, BBQ’d pineapple and more!

Experience the authentic taste of the Brazilian Rodizio, right here on the Isle of Man. Rio’s BBQ & Rodizio Restaurant is located on Loch Promenade Douglas, the perfect location for a meal out. Offering a romantic setting for date night, a fun vibe for friends and family, alternatively, our spacious restaurant is the perfect setting for private hire too. We’ve got you covered!

Whatever the occasion, we’ll make it a celebration to remember.

We also have a selection of Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Gluten Free dishes available.

Our food is locally sourced on the Isle Of Man from the finest suppliers and we only use high-quality ingredients.


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