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Finest Accreditation FAQ’s

Who are Finest.im?

Finest.im is a private enterprise launched in 2020 to celebrate and support local business following the pandemic to boost the domestic economy. The Finest.im brand operations the Finest loyalty card and Finest Visitor as well as the Finest Accreditation.


What is the Finest Accreditation?

Finest Accreditation is an award to celebrate local Manx Businesses who are focused on improving quality and standards for our residents and visitors on the island. We want to highlight the added value that these businesses bring to our local community and increase foot flow to those businesses who are customer/visitor focused and working to continually improve the customer/visitor experience.

Why should I get accredited?

Being Finest accredited promotes your business as being prestigious and leading in that area. Finest Accreditation also rewards you for making the extra effort and ensures that you stand out from your competition. A Finest Accreditation tells your customers that you are committed to the area covered by the accreditation; Finest accreditation directs customers to the best businesses for their needs increasing your customer base.

What accreditations are currently available to me?

Our online application form will allow you to select accreditation available to your business.

Will you be offering other accreditations in the future?

We are constantly updating our available accreditations

How much does it cost?

Pricing for the accreditation will be as follows:

£35.00 (in VAT) per accreditation for Finest.im whom have listings with Finest.im

£40.00 (inc VAT) per accreditation for all other businesses.


How do I register?

To register go to www.finest.im. After registration takes place, we will email you the criteria before you confirm you would like to proceed with the accreditation. Once you have confirmed, payment will be taken.

How is the accreditation assessed?

You will be required to provide evidence of the criteria in the application process. Unannounced visits may also take place as part of the process and following accreditation to ensure consistency in delivering on the criteria.

Will I get a refund if I fail the assessment?

No, therefore we supply you with the criteria before you confirm, and payment takes place.


How long does the accreditation last?

Each accreditation lasts 12 months from date of issue.

What do I get for being accredited?

Once the accreditation has been awarded you will receive the digital emblem to use on your promotional literature/social media/website, a certificate, advertising across the Finest.im social media channels and a listing on www.finest.im. Outdoor plaques can be supplied at an extra charge.

Can I have more than one accreditation?

Yes, you can sign up to be registered for as many accreditations that are applicable to your sector.

Can my accreditation be removed before the 12-month period?

Yes, if Finest.im become aware that you are not still fulfilling the criteria for the accreditation it can be removed and no refund will be offered.