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Tim Baggaley, General Manager, The Regency Hotel (StayCations)
Methy Grace, Managing Director, Grace Designs. (Events)
Sarah Butler, CEO, Skinfood Naturally (GreenInitiatives & Vegan Considerations)
Scott, Manager of Arrandale House and Apartments (FamilyFriendly, Dogs Welcome and Staycations)
Dominique Newburn, Owner, Breeze Candles (Products Made Locally)
Kim Fletcher, Calm - Holistic Healing Therapies with Kim (Vegan Considerations)
Chris Carr from Deep South Music Festival (Live Entertainment)
Andy Saunders, The Original Quids Inn (Live Entertainment)

Welcome to Finest.im Accreditation

Finest.im Accreditation is available to all hospitality, retail and service businesses  to further showcase their qualities / achievements directly to consumers (both visitors and local) to correctly direct them to businesses able to offer what they need in the modern market.

Finest.im Accreditation showcases and recognises businesses for their qualities or services directing customers immediately to the correct businesses for their needs and capturing the maximum spend.

Finest.im Accreditation works on two levels; it highlights to locals / visitors goods and services already available that are currently difficult to discover, and secondly our criteria for obtaining and retaining the accreditation raises standards and echoes similar schemes elsewhere.

The below listed accreditations are available:

Pricing for the accreditation is as follows:

£35.00 (inc VAT) per accreditation for Finest.im partnered businesses whom have listings with Finest.im

£40.00 (inc VAT) per accreditation for all other businesses.

To register your interest for any of the listed accreditations please complete the below online form.