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Book Direct & Save

Book Direct & Save

Have you ever considered the journey your money takes with any purchase you make?

Recent times have more than highlighted the need for responsible and considered purchasing from consumers. Supporting local business is vital to the recovery of any community. Supporting local businesses not only shows you care about the community you live in but helps it thrive. This sentiment can be extended to your purchase journey – Is the first deal you see online for any business truly the best for you and most responsible?

Booking a Hotel

Booking a Hotel online for the consumer these days is easy and usually a one or two click process. Most accommodation businesses sell their rooms on large booking sites or similar not through choice but so they are visible to their customers. This unfortunately comes at the price of hefty commission rates paid by the business owner. Accommodation businesses usually have their own websites but they can be pushed down lists by the large online selling companies that quite simply want you to see their site first!

Businesses want you to call them, email them or use their website for booking or purchasing their services directly without exception. In the example of a Hotel you have the advantage of being able to organise your stay directly as it is after all their property! Booking direct with accommodation businesses helps the owners stay in business and always gets the booker the best deal available. Just ask them they will be pleased to hear from you!



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