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The fabulous Peel Fisheries Chippy is proud to use locally grown potatoes to cook the most delicious chips and serve them with a range of chippy favourites! Within walking distance from Peel beach! Definitely not to miss when you are in Peel.


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101 reviews
  • Matt Conway
    Matt Conway
    in the last week

    Cooked to order, friendly service and reasonably priced. What more could you want?

  • Anne Charlesworth
    Anne Charlesworth
    a month ago

    Lovely and tasty. Hot freshly made and reasonable price

  • Allen Kennedy
    Allen Kennedy
    8 months ago

    Famous for the birthplace of John Peel. Ran his radio show by remote on the second story for almost 2 years. He was fussy about tartar sauce and that distinctive quality always comes through. Also known for the TT riders taking the detour through town and grabbing a quick bite before marshaling on. Don’t forget to ask about the “retired two wheeler” discount.

  • Tricia Waterhouse
    Tricia Waterhouse
    a month ago

    Bad fish this week. Usually very good

  • John Ennett
    John Ennett
    4 months ago

    Spot on every time, and fantastic for deliveries during lockdowns, well done guys.

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