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Saraszestforlife offers fitness classes in Colby 5 days a week and comes highly recommended:

“Love Sarah’s classes! I do both pilates and Zumba with Sara. Sara makes the classes fun, yet very professional. if you haven’t tried her classes, you don’t know what you’re missing! They are fab x”
“As someone who was known for being a complete couch potato, these classes have completely changed my outlook on exercise and I am totally hooked. Classes are varied and even if you have an injury, Sara will always offer alternative exercises so you can continue to train. I remember feeling terrified going to my first class alone, but the members are really welcoming and we have a lot of fun together. I’ve made a lot of good friends. If you’re thinking of trying something new, I couldn’t recommend these classes more highly.”
“Love Sara’s classes. She explains all exercises clearly and actually makes exercising fun. Sara continues to push you but without making you feel you are not able to keep up. One of the main points for me is, if you have an exercise that you are unable to do she will find you an alternative so you don’t have to stop.”




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