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With Smart Pay, Payroll Is Different

With desktop software you need to get it installed on your computer, setup a backup, and keep up with updates.

Then, after all that, you still need to manually archive all your payroll data to a filing cabinet to keep a long term record.

With Smart Pay, it is all done for you!

  • Device: If you don’t want a desktop computer, now it’s optional! Smart Pay works just as well on an iPad or a phone.
  • Security: Full encryption to keep your employee’s data safe.
  • Payslips: Payslips are delivered automatically by email out of the box. The monthly walk around the office is now optional!
  • Backup: As a hosted solution, your data is fully versioned and backed-up every night.
  • Update: Software updates happen seamlessly in the background. So you are always on the latest version.
  • Tax Rates: Updated tax rates are added for you as soon as they are released, no more manually updating each year.
  • Isle of Man: We calculate the payroll using Manx Tax rules. So you don’t need to work around a UK solution.
  • Changes: All changes are saved and versioned. So no matter what you can always go back to where you were.
  • Your Data: If you want a copy of every payslip and report sent out. You can. In a single click! It’s your data, and we respect that.

You can still keep the filing cabinet if you want. But now that is up to you!

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