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    10% discount on your total bill to be used as many times as you wish, PLUS 1 hour free CAD design (this offer can only be used once per customer and is valid for one product only up for up to 1 hour design time. Anything over 1 hour will be charged for at the standard rate)

The Design Hub is a new and innovative 3D prototyping and printing company. 

In order to gain a complete understanding of your product and its features and benefits, a prototype has to be developed.  We can work with you to support the development of your prototype and translate that into a physical form.

​The Design Hub will also be releasing a number of quality products printed here on the Island in the coming weeks. 


Let us bring your ideas to life:


Expert Service

The PDS is an essential part of the design process where information relating to the product is kept.  The PDS statement should act as a reference for the design and align to the exact customer requirements.  We can work with you to develop and build your PDS.


Expert Service

Reverse Engineering is a process where we can deconstruct a previous design and extract the information required to duplicate or enhance it.  This can be especially important if you are running machinery which parts are no longer available for.


Attention to Detail

3D Modelling is the process of developing a coordinate based representation of any given object.  This is achieved through specialist software and can be used as a basis for creating a 3D printed prototype.


Expert Service

Rapid Prototyping is the ability to quickly print and fabricate your 3D design in physical form.  This prototype will be a direct representation of the CAD drawing you have produced.  We an help produce your CAD drawings as well.


One off or full batch runs

The Design Hub can facilitate a one off print of your design or arrange for a full batch run.  We can help you through the process of creating the design or if you already have a file we can print that for you.  Why not talk to us about your requirements.


See our range of 3D printed items

See our range of gifts and merchandise.  Some are configurable to include names and your pictures. COMING SOON.


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