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The Matric Arena is a multi player, free roam, untethered, virtual reality arena ideal for parties and corporate events for both children and adults.

The Matrix Arena is one of four ‘like’ sites in the UK. It has the biggest arena at 10×10 metres. Let their software transport you to a galaxy far away, twin skyscraper buildings, a space station, or even a building site or abandoned industrial estate full of zombies. Games are £20 or £25 per player depending on genre. Sessions last 1 hour but game time can vary from 30-40 minutes.

Their new gaming lounge is now open too and it’s not just somewhere for the non gamers to relax with a hot chocolate, latte, mochaccino or other drink and a chat. They have 6 switch stations with an ever building catalogue of great multi player games to challenge each other on, 6 driving rigs with various games on too, although they tend to stick to their favourite Grand Turismo Sport as it has everything from go karts up to F1 cars and a massive array of tracks. Players can play solo or in any combination of multiplayer games up to 6 against each other. They have a solo VR headset for you to try and 2 RetroCade Cabinets with over 6,000 games on each too. These are all £15 for the first hour and £10/hr after.



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