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ScanSanctuary in the Isle of Man offer pregnancy scans and prenatal screening with an experienced and qualified, Midwife Sonographer, in a supportive and calming environment.

Why choose to come for a private scan?

Many women chose to pay for a private scan because they want a scan earlier than is provided routinely in the NHS, or they want the reassurance that a pregnancy is on-going. To see a baby’s heartbeat can often relieve anxiety and many women cry tears of relief at this point! ScanSanctuary offers some scans that are not available on the NHS, and offers a 45 minute appointment time in a relaxed environment.

Are Ultrasound Scans safe?

Ultrasound scans use soundwaves, not radiation, to produce images. ScanSanctuary follows clinical guidelines as set by the British Medical Ultrasound society (BMUS) and observes safety indices during the scan to ensure that you and your baby are safe. Read the BMUS Guidelines here.

What happens if you detect a problem?

We are a non-diagnostic, and non-medical scan service. We do not check for abnormalities, however if anything unusual is noticed, we will explain our finding based on basic observation and we will refer you to your healthcare provider. We have direct links to Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man. Read their Credentials ~


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