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£160 for 160 Offers

£160 for 160 Offers

Finest.im has given away £160 to one lucky winner to celebrate 160 local offers on our Finest.im Loyalty Card.

The 160 milestone was reached back in December 2022. To continue to celebrate and support local business on the Isle of Man, we felt that it was important to run a promotion that would give back to our partnered businesses. All of which have seen the benefits of what the Finest.im loyalty card (and it’s cardholders) has to offer their business.

Congratulations to our winner Angie Aire who chose to spend her prize at Perfect Getaways.

Perfect Getaways originally joined Finest.im in November 2021, and offer Finest.im loyalty cardholders free fast track security with each booking.

Photo: Competition Winner Angie Aire with Dawn Redmond from Finest.im Central at the Sea Terminal


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