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Finest.im Accreditation – Therafloat

Finest.im Accreditation – Therafloat

This week Therafloat was awarded the 2023 Finest.im Accreditation for Health & Wellness, and here is why.

Tucked away in the idyllic setting of The Nunnery Estate you will find Therafloat Ltd. Therafloat uses science to deliver the proven benefits of meditation to your brain by utilising dry-float technology.

Therafloat is the only one of its kind on the island (and in the world!). Founded and developed by an NHS doctor and nurse. Their aim is to offer a unique service which takes some of the best techniques from the world’s leading hospitals and research laboratories in order to re-wire your brain TO BE HEALTHIER, MORE EFFICIENT AND MORE POWERFUL.

Specialising in analysing and changing how your mind works using scientific techniques that are gentle, safe, convenient and, most of all, proven.

With decades of clinical expertise in neurosurgery, neuromedicine, research and development their therapies are ‘biostacked’.

What does biostacked mean? Biostacking refers to a well-researched science that uses tools or different treatment options, that when stacked on top of each other lead to optimal human performance.

They have recently been recognised internationally by securing a space at the Global Health and Wellness Expo in the USA. A first of its kind where holistic health is fully supported by science and evidenced based.  They have also won a award in the Luxx Life Health and Wellness – a high-end lifestyle magazine.

Therafloat have multiple 5* reviews and offer a variety of therapies including dry floatation, local cryotherapy, psychotherapy, neuro assessment, full body photobiomodulation, trans cranial photobiomodulutaion and nootropic supplementation.

What’s photobiomodulution? It’s a high-technology form of light therapy to switch your body and mind into a healing state.

Every treatment journey begins with a psychotherapeutically-based assessment to analyse how your mind works and how help can be best targeted for you.

Treatments are proven to improve your work performance, supercharge your mood, decrease anxiety, recover from physical injuries, improve your immunity, and boost your energy levels. Research has shown that as little as ten minutes of therapy has proven,  measurable and lasting effects.

For more information on their services and to book visit www.therafloat.uk.

Therafloat also offer Finest.im cardholders 10% off the Therafloat Experience.

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