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Finest.im Accreditation – J S Lifestyle

Finest.im Accreditation – J S Lifestyle

Congratulations to J S Lifestyle who have been awarded the 2023 Finest.im Accreditation for Health & Wellness.

Jon from JS Lifestyle is a personal trainer offering bespoke one to one personal training with dedicated ongoing support in a private studio gym.

Let’s face it, who hasn’t felt on show working out in a packed-out gym?

J S Lifestyle’s private gym studio also assists those who want to use exercise to improve their health and confidence but feel intimidated by large, crowded gyms. This feeling is enough for most to then prevent them from beginning their fitness journey in the first place.

J S Lifestyle look at all aspects of your lifestyle to see where they can assist to make suggestions to introduce sustainable changes. They do not look at short term goals with radical changes but instead encourage ways that you can improve your lifestyle on a long-term basis.

Every person is individual and unique, and J S Lifestyle celebrate this. Individual strengths, abilities, physical profiles, outlooks and even limitations differ and so too do needs and requirements – this is where J S Lifestyle are great! They believe in collaboration, sensitivity, empathy, and understanding in all that we do and say. This is why they have a 5-star review rating on Facebook.

“I’m now entering my 4th week of training with Jon and I’m really enjoying it. The private gym is amazing and has all the equipment required…no more waiting for machines in a busy gym!”

“I never thought I would use the words enjoyable and workout in the same sentence but with Jon that is exactly what you get.”

“I started training with Jon after years of not setting foot inside a gym, the one-to-one training appealed to me as I was very apprehensive about joining a crowded gym. From the start Jon made me feel at ease, he is friendly & encouraging, the workouts are always varied and for the first time in years I actually started to enjoy exercise.”

Jon at J S Lifestyle is not just a personal trainer, but your unique lifestyle coach in methods you will be able to sustain. For more information and to book a consultation go to  http://www.jslifestyle.co.uk/

J S Lifestyle also offer Finest.im cardholders a trial session & consultation for £19.99*.

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