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Finest.im visitor survey results

Finest.im visitor survey results

We set up a survey on various social media channels and through our own website to ask visitors about their recent stay in the Isle of Man. The survey ran from the start of July until mid August 2021 to capture feedback from our most recent visitors after substantial changes were made to the borders.

We would like to thank  everyone who contributed and we would like to  share our findings with you today of the 483 responses we received.

We purposely kept our survey fairly short and not comprehensive in our questions all comments were taken directly from surveys received and only a random sample shown.

We asked the following questions and received the following answers based on the 483 responses received:

Is this your first visit to our Island? (tick box question)

Yes: 110

No: 373

What first attracted you to visit the Isle of Man and where did you hear about us?

Most popular reasons for visiting / what was the attraction to visiting the Island ..

Family and/or Friends ,  “Because of the TT”, Direct flights, The low cases of Covid-19,  The Electric and Steam Railways, Walking, “Wanted a holiday nearer to home”,  Golf,  “History /Heritage”,  “Because we have never been”  Because of the lack of restrictions, “To escape social distancing”

Where did you hear about us? ….. 

family or friends,  Internet search, social media, from local travel agent.

How did you book your accommodation? (tick box question)

Travel Agent or Tour Operator 76

Online Website (Expedia, Booking.com etc) 181

Directly with the property (on their website, email or via telephone) 125

Not applicable (stayed with family / friends)101

How did you find the process of applying to visit our Island with the current border controls?

Sample of the  positive remarks:

Easy, excellent staff at the terminals, It was fine and as expected, fuss free, very organised, friendly helpful staff, very good no complaints,

Sample of the negative remarks:

Chaotic,  understaffed at the sea port,  Very hard to understand the website, did not receive paperwork until the last minute, not good for non computer users like us,

Where did you stay? (tick box question)

Serviced Accommodation 144

Self Catering 129

Camping Glamping etc 82

With Friends or Family 128

How did you travel to the Island? (tick box question)

Isle of Man Steam Packet 352

By Air 131

What was the highlight of your visit?

A selection of answers:

“Risso’s Dolphin diving at close quarters on trip to Calf of Man”

“Just getting to visit our favourite place at last”

“The friendliness of the people”

“Seeing our family again after some time”

“Beautiful countryside”

“The walking”

“The magic of the Island”

“Had a lovely time”

“Calm and Stress free”

“Using the 7 day saver bus card”

Would you visit the Isle of Man again? (tick box question)

Yes  376

No 98

Unsure 9

Any further comments? Please use this space for anything else you would like us to know.

“You need to sort Douglas Promenade out”

“Beautiful Island”

“A sight to behold”

“Will not be visiting again”

“Very disappointed in the Promenade works”

“Not enough to do in the evenings”

“Stunning scenery”

“This really is the best place to visit”

“We loved Port Erin and the South of the Island”

“We were sorry there were not any horse trams”

“Laxey is the best place to visit”

“Many attractions were closed during our visit”

“We visited for your railways and had a wonderful time”

“Douglas looks tired”

“Wonderful place to visit and we will visit again”

“Nightlife is poor”


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