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It’s a BIG deal!

It’s a BIG deal!

Choosing to shop local keeps our money on the Island. It creates jobs, maintains jobs. Jobs for today, jobs for tomorrow for our children and our neighbour’s children.

I want choice. I want to live in a prosperous community with good quality public services. I want lots of different places to eat, to visit or staycation. I want lots of different events going on, things to do. When you choose to shop local you start to make these things happen. 

I don’t want to put my bank details on the internet these days, just so that I can buy something across or from even further away. I want to speak to my local tradesman and know he will sort me out if things go wrong.

I want to see local sports teams, youth clubs sponsored, raffle prizes donated, local churches receiving support and local charities many of which are already supported by our local businesses. You can choose to help them continue by spending your cash with local business. Make a difference, choose to shop local. It really is a big deal.

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